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MRL holds licences to exercise the exclusive right to explore for graphite within 6,300 hectares of land located in several provinces of Sri Lanka.

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Graphite demand

Demand for graphite is expected to significantly grow as a result of green technology initiatives. The evolution of electric vehicles has seen a rapidly growing demand for lithium ion batteries. Fuel cells, which are predicted to replace traditional combustion engines, require substantially more graphite than lithium ion batteries.
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Electric vehicles
  • Nuclear reactors
  • Carbon fibre reinforced plastics
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Graphite is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. It has the highest natural strength/stiffness of any material and is resistant to heat and chemical attack.
  • Electric vehicles

    There are 25-50kgs of graphite in an electric vehicle.

  • Portable electronics

    There is over 10x more graphite than lithium in a lithium ion battery.